Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme Review - Is It Legit?

Are you looking to find out the truth about the Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme is it really worth paying to get this premium Shopify theme? As the Turbo in its name suggests, this theme is designed with the  main goal of making sure your sites load quickly without delay. Store load speeds are essential for making sure that you do not lose your store visitors, which is obviously a key factor if your store is going to convert visitors into paying customers. If you would like to have a top-quality, fast-loading Shopify theme and not waste all of your efforts on your Shopify ecommerce store, then a fast-loading theme like Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme is definitely going to help you.

Without a theme such as Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme, visitors are more likely to end up in stores that run faster even if they are selling inferior products or have a smaller range of products. To ensure success in the ecommerce-world going forward, it is no longer an option to make sure that your stores can load quickly as soon as visitors land on them. With this theme, we have found our stores being able to load on all devices really quickly, including desktop and mobile devices.

Turbo Shopify Theme / Portland - Out of the Sandbox

What Are The Main Features That Come With Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme?

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  • Quick-Shop: Import items directly from the collection pages into the shopping cart with this Quick-Shop feature. This is one feature that cuts down on store load-time and allows easy checking of product details without having to open the product page
  • Predict-Search: Saving time and improving customer experience, this feature allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and this positive experience will ensure that your visitors come back again in future
  • Advanced Mega-Menu: A great choice for large-inventory stores, this feature combines many elements like text, images and menus into one endless combination of the layout, letting visitors see the product at sight rather than having to read through a bunch of text
  • Multi-Tag Filter: Allow visitors to search for products through filters like material, supplier, color and size etc.
  • Advanced Page Layouts: Have different sections like Our Story, Advanced Product Page, Photo Gallery etc. and create them with drag-and-drop simplicity so as to ensure their best quality while not having to waste too much time on them
  • Mini-Cart: The mini-cart automatically opens and updates your shopping cart as soon as your visitor adds or removes products from their shopping cart. This keeps your stores clutter-free and clean and lets your visitors shop while adding items seamlessly at the same time
  • Recently viewed products: Automatically suggest products by placing alternate product pages and collections to increase your sales further
  • Lookbook or Gallery Page: Spectacular image lookbooks and gallery pages can be quickly created, which enhances the conversion rates on your stores even further
  • Infinite Scrolling or Load-More Button: As its name suggests, this feature lets your visitors load more products instead of having to reload the entire collection page...

Full Out Of The SandBox Turbo Theme Review here! at https://scamorno.com/Out-Of-The-Sandbox-Turbo-Theme-Review/?id=gho-turbotheme