Do you wish to find out the truth about the Pattern Trader Pro trading software and is it true that it has managed to help traders earn up to 80% returns in 3 to 4 months? Pattern Trader Pro, as its name suggests, trades based on price chart patterns and therefore takes into account factors like support and resistance zones as well as price action to find optimal entry and exit points based on their historical success rates of trading them.

Using a hybrid of sophisticated automation and human intelligence, Pattern Trader Pro has been built as a 100% automated system that trades for its users on its own. Its drawdown is also very low relative to other Forex expert advisors and never uses risky money management methods like Martingale or Grid...

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Pattern Trader Pro Review & Testing

Is Pattern Trader Pro Right For You?

This automated trader software is really easy to set-up and has worked for traders of all prior experience levels and even for complete trading beginners. Built by professional trader Michael Aigers, this expert advisor (EA) is made for building slow and long-term gains regardless of market conditions. This is because with pattern trading, the software has the ability to recognise when market conditions are going to stay the same or change going forward with a a high degree of accuracy. If you have heard of trading chart patterns like wedges, head-and-shoulders and double-tops etc., then it should come as no surprised that this type of trading is capable of protecting the account and generating profits regardless of market conditions...

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