Playlist Push Review - Does Playlist Really Work?

Would you like to know more about Playlist and is it really one of the best services for songs and playlist categorisation and also for boosting the results of promotions? Using Playlist Push, independent artists have been able to seamlessly get their songs onto user-generated playlists on autopilot without much technical knowledge. These days, more and more 3rd-party players are coming up providing a way for artists to put themselves on the map through the power of user-generated playlist and streams.

Song creators are able to pitch their songs to Spotify playlist curators to improve their chances of being featured and ultimately appearing in an official playlist. Curators then get to monetise their playlists by reviewing their songs...

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Playlist Push Review From Someone Who Has Paid Over $3,000 | Smart Rapper

What Are The Main Features Of Playlist For Curators And Artists?


  • Get Picked Up

Playlist sends artists' music out to targeted groups of playlist curators who will review their songs and play list for consideration. This increases the chances for artists to get their creations featured

  • Flexible Pricing

Artists only pay to reach curators who love their music, regardless of whether they are an instrumental pianist, pop music maker or other genres


  • Music Discovery

Curators get to discover new music from independent artists for their playlists

  • Earn Rewards

Curators can also listen to and review songs, after which they can earn money from it...

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