Premier Football Tips Review - Is It Legit?

Are you currently thinking about joining the Premier Football Tips tipster service and does it really have a profitable long-term track record of betting on EVERY single English Premier League game of the season? Over the course of the first 3 months of this season, the strategy that Premier Football Tips follows has already generated more than £5,200 in profits using £100 bets. There is, however, no need to start from £100 as the strategy can be followed starting from bets as small as £10. The main difference between Steven's strategy and other football betting is that it emphasises heavily on consistency and making profits regularly instead of going for big wins and losing money regularly.

How Was The Strategy Behind Premier Football Tips Created?

If you had followed the founder, Steven Ford's, story as to how he created this service, you will have already seen how he failed with most football betting strategies he followed in the past However, it was not a complete waste of his time as he did pick up a lot of knowledge during that time. After following dozens of betting books, tipsters and services, he finally had his own formula that was making money regularly and is specifically targeted at finding good bets in the English Premier League...

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If you have wasted lots of money on bad betting strategies and fake gurus and would instead like to start winning more consistently on your football bets, the Premier Football Tips is definitely a service that you have to check out. Its strategy is helping members from all over the world build their betting banks with much more consistency compared to most other football betting systems.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Premier Football Tips?

  • Finds profitable bets mainly on Premier League matches but has also offers bonus bets on International's and European matches
  • Can be followed through most bookmakers including Betfair
  • Suitable even for the betting newbie as no prior betting experience is required
  • Uses only normal back-bets and none of the other fancy and complicated ones
  • No restrictions on the odds that can be bet on. As long as a bet offers value, it should be taken even if it is 20-1 according to the strategy...

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