Are you looking for more information about the Provely platform and does it really create customisable pop-ups that will increase the conversion rates on your site? Designed as a drag-and-drop easy popup notifications creation tool, Provely is designed to increase the conversions of sales pages and so far has proven to do so really well on our sales pages.

Provely have definitely emerged as the leader in social proof notifications creation due to their seamless and easy-to-use interface and constant updates. The service comes in 3 choices of subscriptions that are as follows:

  • Basic: $17/mo., 1 domain
  • Pro: $27/mo., 5 domains
  • Ultimate: $37/mo., Unlimited domains
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What Can You Expect To Do With Provely?

Provely creates those small pop-ups that you may have seen near the bottom of sales pages that display Google Maps location and who last purchased the website's product or service. Through using this technology, users are seeing as much as 250% in increase in conversion rates and does so automatically with minimal maintenance and upkeep once it is set up correctly.

The reason why this works so well is due to herd mentality in humans, which cause us to do what is popular just in case we miss out on a good deal or need to avoid some kind of danger. Once visitors see others buying, they will begin to justify the reasons why everyone else is buying and be encouraged to do it themselves too.

Summary of the Features of Provely:

  • Live Visitor Count
  • Recent Activity
  • Ecommerce Conversion Tools
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Templates (pop-up)
  • Customization
  • Rules Engine
  • Localization
  • Lead Capture...

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