QuillAudits Review — ⚠️IS QUILLAUDITS LEGIT?⚠️

Are you interested in finding out more about the QuillAudits platform and are they really one of the best and most secure smart-contracts audit platforms around in the web 3 world today? QuillAudits is a service run by Quillhash Technologies, one of the leading companies when it comes to enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions development today. Today, they are known as the leading smart contract audit firm that is fully committed to securing Blockchain projects using cutting-edge Web3 security solutions.

Founded in 2018, QuillAudits is a leading smart contract audit firm that is delivering on the mission of securing the Web3 world. Their solutions assist traditional businesses in realising the potential of the latest AI, Blockchain and IoT technologies and helping them become more streamlined, efficient, innovative and creative. Considering that more than $1.6 billion has been lost in more than 100 deFi and smart contact exploits, having audits is one of the most crucial aspects for any company thinking about making use of smart contracts for their business.

QuillAudits — The Smart Contracts Security Audit Platform | by Rajat Gahlot  | Mr Crypto India | Medium

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Using QuillAudits?

  • Validates the functionalities and finds loopholes in DeFI projects so they can correct them
  • Get the best quality audit services for DeFi and smart contracts as well as blockchain projects cybersecurity solutions
  • Checks for common vulnerabilities and unexpected behaviour through manual review
  • Audit team goes through a specification gathering step to properly understand how developers intend for their DeFi project to function before conducting their audits
  • Uses automated tests to check the project, generates the initial audit report and then provides the developer team with an opportunity to update their code before taking the project through another auditing process...

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