Do you wish to find out the truth about Ranger EA V3 and are its winning results of more than 60%+ gain at only a drawdown of 10% really legitimate and verifiable, and can you really trust this EA with your money to trade for you? Through our research, we have found that this expert advisor was developed for more than 6 years to optimise all of it settings before it was even released to the public for testing. As its version progresses (currently V3), each successive version has been tweaked to be even more profitable at lower drawdowns compared to the previous version. We have also found that these impressive results are not simply due to luck or the right market conditions, as each version is extensively tested over the past 13 years of backtest trading history and optimised to trade robustly across all market conditions.

Ranger EA V3 is one expert advisor that has been been generating profits on our live accounts on every single month, though it must be said that we have only been using it for less than a year. In general, it trades using a 2-indicator combination system to find the best range trading opportunities and makes sure to reduce risk quickly when the market is moving out of a range.

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Full Ranger EA V3 Review here! at https://scamorno.com/Ranger-EA-V3-Review/?id=gho

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Using Ranger EA V3?

  • Developed for the long-term investor in mind by not using highly risky money-management strategies like martingale, allowing it to survive and prosper over the longer time-frame. Instead, it uses a highly intelligence money management hedging system that adjusts according to market conditions
  • Finds highly accurate trading opportunities every week across multiple currency pairs
  • Projected profits per month of 5-10% based on default settings historically
  • No losing months over the past 10 years of backtest despite the wild fluctuations in the Forex markets
  • Takes the negative human emotional element out of your results
  • Locate the best areas of price ranges in the markets to range-trade
  • Compliant with FIFO
  • and much more!

How Exactly Does Ranger EA V3 Work?

The general idea is that this EA waits for a 2 candlestick reversal pattern in overextended markets, amongst other conditions, to decide if it is going to enter the trade. It does so using the RMI indicator in a way that very accurately detects over-extended market conditions. This has been found to be a powerful combination for range-trading which Ranger EA V3 then takes full advantage of.

This EA also makes use of Grid Trading, and while some traders have the misconception that it is very risky, we have seen how Ranger EA V3 uses it to great effect to in fact keep risks low while extracting maximum profits while the market is ranging. This is very different from other grid trading EAs that we have seen that blow-up accounts despite their seemingly positive results at the start...

Full Ranger EA V3 Review here! at https://scamorno.com/Ranger-EA-V3-Review/?id=gho