Are you looking for more information about Realty Mogul Co and are they really one of the best commercial real estate crowdfunding platform around today? As one of the most popular and oldest real estate crowdfunding platforms, Realty Mogul Co has a widely diversified investment portfolio mix that includes individual properties, 1031 exchanges, funds and private REITs. They offer standalone real estate diversified non-traded REITs as well as investments for both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Over the years, Realty Mogul Co has been gradually moving towards value-add deals in commercial real estate multifamily housing and away from higher-risk properties like hotels, residential real estate flipping and ground-up construction...

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What Are The Main Benefits and Features Of Using Realty Mogul Co's Services?

  • Easy and quick funding options
  • Ease of investment selections
  • Documents are executable online
  • Investment monitoring services are available 24/7
  • Offers more investment flexibility than REITs
  • Provides quarterly and semi-annual distributions for equity investments, and quarterly or monthly distributions for REIT investments
  • Platform provides thorough underwriting to establish the viability of each investment to ensure they have been pre-vetted
  • Does not require capital calls for additional capital beyond the initial investment
  • Provides investment opportunities in 2 different REITs (all investors) or both investments (accredited investors)...

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