Rebrand Apps Review: Does It Really Work?

Are you thinking about joining the Rebrand Apps marketplace and is this really the best apps-rebrand marketplace that you can join on the internet? At Rebrand Apps, we have found that this platform has hired a great team of graphic designers and developers to come up with amazingly professional designs at great value-for-money prices. After creating an account in the membership system, users are immediately taken to a brand apps management area where they can manage all of their applications in one place.

Members will get access to all of the latest when it comes to interface design, functions and formatting packed with images, screenshots, videos and graphs designed to explode sales. Once having the Rebrand Apps team do most of the difficult work, the app is then available for resale.

What Are The 4 Main Apps Provided by Rebrand Apps?

  • ProjectHub

This is an essential for running an apps business. ProjectHub is capable of helping users do the following tasks:

  • Permission settings and clients management
  • Arrange and dole out milestones
  • Track the time spent by your virtual group
  • Boundless document transfers
  • Access to more than 35 dialects
  • Work in informed...

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  • TicketHub

TicketHub is capable of doing the following:

  • Make departments
  • Orchestrate tickets by department
  • Need levels for tickets
  • Template responses
  • Ticket Mergine
  • Web optimisation snapshot
  • Pinpoint

This app provides users the ability to retarget easily without any technical expertise. Users simply enter the name of the group of audience they wish to target, enter the retargeting URL for the website and the destination URL to retarget from.

  • SEO Snapshot

This app calculates data that Google does not reveal to help members rank high on Google through SEO programming. This app can be utilised by members or by their clients...

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