RedTrack Review - Does RedTrack Really Work?

Are you looking for more information about RedTrack and are they really one of the best ad tracker software tools on the market right now? As a SaaS solution, RedTrack offers cookie-less tracking and members do not have to invest in servers. They have all the requirements that we would look for in a typical media-buyer and ad-tracking tool.

Some of the most useful features that we have found with RedTrack include:

  • Consolidated Reports: View data from many different angles to get the best insights
  • Report templates: No need to set up from scratch again as templates for reports are all ready-made here
  • Multiple Workplace Settings: this is a great feature that is hidden in the profile setting
  • Proxy/Bot Filtering: also hidden in the filters
  • Currently supported by an Android app but not yet on iOS
  • and much more...

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Fraud: to pay or not to pay? - Brand new feature by RedTrack

What Are The Main Features Of RedTrack?

  • Stop all problems caused by inaccurate and delayed information that are causing a waste of time money, time and opportunities
  • Cloud-hosted ad tracking and conversion solution that consolidates data across all your marketing channels
  • Tracks, manages, reports and optimise advertising activities all in one platform
  • Control conversions data and conversion attributions all on your own terms
  • Track multiple channel campaigns with no third party cookies
  • Automate reporting activities and media-buying
  • Share data with peers and customers while managing your team all at once
  • Consistently provided us with the best support every time we decided to live-chat with support...

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