Sand Pal Toys Review - Are They Legit?

Are you thinking about buying from Sand Pal Toys and are they really the high-quality castle-building kit that makes great games for families? The builder kits have brought so much joy to our kids that we bought more than one and they were more than worth it. They are really easy-to-use, of great quality and give us tons of fun in the process. This is truly a great product that brings new inspiration to our trips to the beach and provide hours of fun for the adults and kids...

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Castle Builders Kit - Sand | Mud | Snow | Indoor play – Sand-Pal

Features Of Sand Pal Toys

  • 9 high-quality tools to build even the most complex and large structures
  • No extraneous pieces that can get lost in the way
  • Kit comes with chic and sturdy mesh carrying cash for easy cleaning and storage and easy transportation to the beach

What Are The Kits Included In Sand Pal Toys?

Eco friendly Package: 20 * 20 * 15
Total weight: 600 grams Part
Material: pp5 – phthalates, latex BPA FREE

– 3 Brick makers: Block | Cube | Cylinder
– 4 Ending molds: Dome | Rook | Pyramid | Triangle Roof
– Ergonomic multi use shovel
– Fashionable mesh shoulder bag...

Full Sand Pal Toys Review here! at