Scanz Review - Does Scanz Scanner Really Work?

Are you thinking about using the Scanz Scanner tool and does it really help traders automatically find endless trading opportunities in the stock markets every day? Scanz Scanner is a tool that allows traders to find short-term technical trading opportunities quickly by allowing them to screen and scan for whole US stock market in real-time. This sock screening application is designed for day-traders and also comes equipped with a real-time newsfeed.

Some of the main features found in Scanz Scanner include:

  • Good broker integration feature for trading
  • Built-in stock technical stock scanning tools available
  • Comes with L2 Data and overall really easy-to-use
  • Real-time news engine that is very organised
  • Great news streaming features
  • Dollar volume live-streaming...

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Scanz - Stock Market Scanner and Trading Platform

What Are The Supported Types of Price Breakouts That Scanz Scanner Can Find?

  • New Low Alerts

If you are looking for intraday and daily chart breakdowns, you are going to love this feature as it can automate a lot of the processes of finding these stocks. As its name suggests, this scanner alerts users whenever stocks hit new lows

  • New High Alerts

The opposite of the new high alerts, this alert finds breakouts and makes sure users are alerting to them before most other traders are able to react to them. If you trade new high breakouts, then you will certainly already know how quickly prices can move when the right market conditions are present during a stock's new high hits new highs.

  • Price Breakouts

This scan allows users to find stocks that are breaking support and resistance prices, without having to make new highs or lows. It can also provide alerts when prices break a dynamic support/resistance such as a moving average...

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