Are you looking for more information about Self Publishing Formula Mark Dawson and will it really show you how to become a successful self-publisher and make more money from your books? With so many self-publishing courses and so-called gurus out there today, it can be difficult to know which one to take if you are new to self-publishing.

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Can You Really Trust Mark Dawson Of The Self Publishing Formula?

From our experience, it is highly important to only learn from those who have done it before and are doing it well. This is certainly the case with Mark Dawson, since Mark is someone who used to struggle to sell his own books before by learning from all the fake gurus and trainers out there. It was not until he started learning his own strategies and experimenting on his own before he finally found true success with self-publishing. Inside this course, Mark teaches everything needed to know in order to become a successful self-published author...

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Mark's name consistently appears when we looked for reputable sources to learn self-publishing from. He has a great reputation amongst authors and on KBoards. He is certainly an author first and coach second, and he also has a great record of success in publishing, which makes his training more than credible.

Is The Self Publishing Formula Mark Dawson Right For You?

If you are interested in getting the video training and instructions for doing the following:

  • How to upload books
  • How to format books
  • Starting a website to boost your book sales
  • The best services and tools to use to help grow your email list for selling more books
  • and much more!

then this course is definitely one that you will not want to miss out. Mark not only provides the high-quality training resources but also the support to ensure all his students are able to successfully publish their books and maximise their results on their book sales...

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