Are you looking to learn the truth about the Self Reliance Association R95 Mask  and is it really the reliable, comfortable, stretchable and breathable mask that it is claimed to be? Different viruses are spreading around the world today like wildfire, and with more and more of them having high number of days in incubation period, it has become even more important that we protect ourselves from these viruses with highly-functional masks that not only filter out viruses effectively, but also do not have negative health consequences on the wearer.

The Self Reliance Association R95 Mask by Self-Reliance Association has proven itself to be up to this tasks of being the perfect survival mask for today's world. It protects one from air-borne disease and tiny particle that the typical home-made cloth is incapable of filtering. In fact, most masks out there only filter up to 65% of particles and defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place. Therefore, it is important not to compromise on the quality of masks otherwise all your efforts of wearing one will be in vain...

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What Are Some Features Of The Self Reliance Association R95 Mask?

This mask, as compared to the others that we have used, has excelled when we evaluated it based on its security, quality and comfort. Some of the notable features include:

  • Trouble-free wearing: This mask comes with over-ear loops and adjustable nose pin that offers full-flexibility. It also forms an airtight seal so that no harmful particles can pass through it.
  • Easily breathable: The mask comes with exhalation valves that make it very easy to breathe. They can be opened and closed whenever needed.
  • Customisable: The mask can have stickers added to it or tailor-mask to one's own liking
  • Washable material: It can be used several times as it is made of washable material with a disposable air-filter
  • Money-back guarantee: Backed by Self-Reliance Association, there is even a money-back guarantee just in case the quality does not live up to standards...

Full Self Reliance Association R95 Mask Reviews here! at