Shockwave Torch Flashlight Reviews - Does It Really Work?

Do you want to learn more about the Shockwave Torch Flashlight, and is this really the most important survival item you need to have like what the people from Patriot Wholesale Club are claiming? This is a torch that has been designed to give you all the most essential functions in times of crises.

It is very easy-to-use and proven to be safe to carry around as well as it is equipped with multiple safety functions. It can hold and generate so much electricity that its rechargeable battery can only charge when you plug it into your home's outlet. Once you have received your torch, you will learn important instructions on how you can activate and electrocute attackers, while making sure that you are safe from the torch yourself.

How Can Shockwave Torch Flashlight Protect You?

Besides the above-mentioned feature of being able to electrocute your attackers, another feature of this torch is that it can be used to deal immense pain to an attacker. It is capable of shredding soft tissue parts like the cheeks and eyes and leave attackers with immense pain while you attempt to escape. This can be done through its extremely sharp crenelated bezel, and is one of the added features that it has over other flashlights. All that you have to do is smash the torch into the attacker's face and that should leave the attacker in pain and shock for a while...

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