Signature Altwork Station Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you interested in finding out more about the Signature Altwork Station and is it really the best station that keeps you comfortable and ergonomically adaptable to boost your productivity even when you are working? Made by the company in Sonoma, California, the Signature Altwork Station retails for $7,650 without the laptop and monitors included. So far, we have found it to be a good-quality, highly adjustable steel frame desk that is painstakingly designed to provide the most comfort while being highly functional at the same time. At last, It is now possible to enjoy creative and ergonomic benefits while working in a comfortable bed-like position.

Being in a full-on, 180-degree position provides a relaxing sensation of weightlessness provided by its magnetic mouse-and-keyboard setup that is included in the purchase. This combination of a dentist chair and electronic standing-desk is truly able to free up the brain to focus on the screen rather than be distracted by the endless standing, sitting, spine-curve or restless legs problems that are encountered without it...

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Signature Altwork Station puts you in a position to work

What Are The Main Benefits And Features Of Using Signature Altwork Station?

  • Ability to transition from standing to sitting to lying position simply by holding the preset buttons on the panel built onto the desk.
  • Work in the comfortable clutches of a pro-grade massage chair
  • Ability to extend and support your legs through different modes that can be easily set by the control panel
  • Keep wireless peripherals attached with the special affixed mouse-pad and desk-embedded magnets, even when the desk moves into a 72-degree angle
  • Comes with wheels attached to the station that weigh about 250 pounds with an attached monitor so it is completely mobile and can be moved around after full setup...

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