Siteground Hosting Review – [Real User] Opinion - Is It Legit?

Are you looking for more information about SiteGround Hosting Wordpress  service, and whether or not this platform is really a reliable place for you to host your websites? SiteGround Hosting is a platform that is privately owned and was founded in 2004. They’re based in Bulgaria, where they have 2  offices, and also have an office in Madrid, Spain.

SiteGround Hosting’s website promotes several types of hosting; they offer shared, WordPress, cloud, and dedicated plans — in addition to many other specialized plans. Customers also benefit from free Cloudflare CDNs and SSL certificates, and their shared plans are packed full of features.

In addition, SiteGround Hosting’s servers are rock solid. From experience, we have also found that their uptime is impressive. But SiteGround is better known for something else. Ask any customer, and customer support will be at the top of their list.

Is SiteGround Hosting Service Reliable?

In our testing, SiteGround Hosting consistently exceeds their uptime guarantee of 99.9%.  Their  server response times are also really good: usually below 500 ms and often under 400 ms — 431 ms average. This is much better than our tests with GoDaddy's, which indicate has an average response time of ~1,000 ms. It is also generally slightly faster than Bluehost.

It is extremely unlikely that you will collect on SiteGround Hosting’s 99.9% uptime guarantee. For one thing, their uptime statistics are excellent. For another, they measure their uptime every year. (Most hosts that offer a guarantee measure monthly.) In case you experience downtime of more than 0.1% annually, you will be compensated as follows: one month of free hosting for uptime between 99.0% and 99.9%; and 1 month free for every percentage point below that...

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How Is SiteGround Hosting Better Than Other Hosting Providers?

Here are five reasons why we like SiteGround Hosting:

  1. The GoGeek plan provides high-performance shared hosting by putting fewer websites on the same server.
  2. They are clear about the resources that they provide. For example, every plan comes with a set amount of disk space. Often, hosts offer unlimited disk space with the caveat “as long as you do not use too much.” Similarly, their higher-end hosting plans also come with set bandwidth allowances. SiteGround's shared hosting plans have set website visitor allowances. As a result, you are unlikely to ever have your account suspended due to some nebulous “excessive resource usage.”
  3. All shared hosting plans utilize servers that are tuned for top WordPress performance.
  4. Its self-help material is highly accurate and readable — similar to the excellent material provided by InMotion Hosting.
  5. SiteGround Hosting runs fast web servers using a wide variety of techniques: SSD storage, Nginx web server, SuperCacher, Cloudflare CDN, and HHVM...

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