SmartVideo Revolution Review - Does SmartVideo Revolution Commercial Really Work?

Are you currently looking for more information about the SmartVideo Revolution Commercial software and can you really rely on it to produce smarter videos that personalise and star every viewer of your videos? With this software toolkit, we have found it remarkably easy to create our own personalised videos, simply through the use of a drag-and-drop interface. SmartVideo Revolution Commercial comes pre-loaded with studio-grade transitions, FX and animations that can be used to create Oscar-worthy videos that are easy enough even for anyone without any video-creation experience.

What these videos do is basically personalise themselves by featuring the viewer's location, name or even face. This has been shown to reach out and grab viewers attention quickly, which is essential for video marketing success in today's highly competitive internet marketing world. These videos can then be published to the public through email, social media and on the users' own websites. The commercial license adds on another profit stream for users.

SmartVideo Revolution OTO 1, 2, 3 All Three OTOs' Links Bellow- FE Demo - YouTube

What Are The SmartVideo Revolution OTO?

  • Front-End

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The front-end of this software comes commercial-license free and allows users to instantly create, personalise and publish cinematic-style marketing videos that star every viewer that comes across the video.

  • OTO 1: Professional Templates

This OTO provides users with a whole host of templates that ensure they will never have to search for a template again. These include 50+ niche scripts, 250+ base videos and 50+ royalty-free audio files that shake up and allow the creation of perfect videos every time.

  • OTO 2: Agency Rights

This OTO includes the Personalised Video Demo Show-Room feature, whereby users can have personal meetings with their clients to demonstrate the personalised video demos. This complete agency package eliminates all the effort, costs and time associated with setting up a new agency and makes sure the user is up-and-running with his or her own agency in no time.

  • OTO 3: SmartMail

SmartMail is a drag-and-drop personalised email template builder that comes with interactive email templates. It brings the power of SVR personalisation to email marketing, and the personalised dynamic AMP emails that SmartVideo Revolution Commercial creates is the truly the first-of-its-kind in this industry that make email marketing even more powerful than it is...

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