Social Kickstart Live App Review - Does Social Kickstart Live App Really Work?

Are you thinking about using Social Kickstart 2.0 and is it really the best tool for post pre-recorded videos on social media as though they were being broadcast live? What this app does for users really well is that it helps them get instant exposure to themselves and their brands, as live videos are highly preferred by social media platforms and they always tend to rank really well even on profiles that are relatively new. Social Kickstart Live allows users to live-stream pre-recorded videos to Youtube and Facebook live through a simple and intuitive to use desktop app.

Many professional marketers and top influencers have said that live-streaming is the future of video and online marketing, and given the amazing results that live videos get for their owners, it is no wonder why it is the future. Live streaming videos with this app helps users cut through the loads of content that are published every day and vaulting video content right to the front of the queue in social media. Youtube and Facebook gives huge priority to live content, but this is still something that not many video marketers are maximising the use of.

Social Kickstart - The Best Social Media Marketing App

How Exactly Does Social Kickstart 2.0 Work?

This app is an Adobe Air desktop application that works on both Macs and Windows PCs that allow the immediate broadcasting or scheduling pre-recorded videos as live streaming videos on Youtube and Facebook Live...

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Step 1 Connect Social Kickstart Live to your Facebook and YouTube accounts

The first step is to connect to both your Youtube and Facebook accounts, which you only have to do once if done correctly.

Step 2 Upload video and add post details

Upload your videos and choose where you want them to appear (Youtube or Facebook or both). Users will only be allowed to stream to 1 Facebook place at once (whether it be Fan Page, Profile or Group), while over on the Youtube side, they will have to choose their channel. Other details such as video title, quality, thumbnail, descriptions etc. can be added in this step to optimise your videos further.

Step 3 Schedule or Go Live with one Click

At this step, users will have to choose their date and time or streaming, and this can be a future scheduled event or immediately. On the Facebook side, there is the option for the video to show up as private or public for Facebook groups. Also for Facebook videos, users will be required to add that their videos are "previously recorded" if they are not streamed live, which Social Kickstart 2.0 has made it easy to include that directly into video post descriptions. After everything is done, users simply hit the Schedule button and they will be able to manage all of their scheduled live streams directly from inside the dashboard.

Is Social Kickstart 2.0 Right For You And Can You Relly Trust It?

To be honest, we were initially very skeptical of using this app, considering the fact that it will require us to connect our social media accounts to it, which means that if the software messes up and violates the social media platforms' Terms of Service, our accounts would be negatively impacted as well. But having used Mark Thompson's products before, we have always been very impressed with the quality and high-standards of this software, and so far Social Kickstart 2.0 has certainly not let us down.

It is truly one of the best tools when it comes to managing social media communities and groups while handling live video streaming all at the same time. The app is easy to install with clear step-by-step videos to follow if you need them. Once set up properly, Social Kickstart 2.0 works around the clock 24/7 even while we are sleeping to get us a lot of likes and interactions on our social media profiles...

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