Speak AI Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you currently thinking about using the Speak AI tool and is this really one of the best tools right now for getting automate and professional transcription service, capturing video, audio and text scale and also generating dashboard reports with? Using the Speak AI tool allows users to automatically extract and transcribe topics, keywords, emotions, brands, faces and more after integration. Once that is done, the tool is able to do any or all of the above every time the user adds a video. Through Speak AI's automation technology, videos can now be automatically analysed and transcribed without the user having to do anything manually.

Besides transcribing upon new video upload, Speak AI can also analyse and transcribe through upload of new video or audio files. Once the entire process is complete, users will be able to review, edit and share their analysed media directly from inside the dashboard.

No-code audio & video transcription software | Easy AI analysis | Speak Ai

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Using Speak AI?

  • Automatically harness useful information from audio and video files
  • Gain valuable insights and learn lessons from how we communicate with others and ourselves
  • Harness on the latest technologies of capturing, extracting and sharing insights from content, conversations, journals, webpages, research, notes, media and more
  • Allow teams and individuals to improve awareness, communication, productivity and well-being
  • Capture video and audio responses from anywhere
  • Easily share findings and break down silos..

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