Do you want to find out the truth about LeapFX's Star Trader System and does their robot generate profits all year round regardless of financial market conditions? Star Trading is an expert advisor that automatically scans the markets and trades for us based on the lot size we have pre-set for it. It runs automatically on the MetaTrader4 Platform, and can be set to trade on either a conservative or more aggressive mode. After joining, members will get to learn about the performance statistics of both these trading modes, including their profit potential and drawdown, so that they can make an informed decision about how much risks they wish to take with this system.

Star Trader — LeapFX

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Who Created Star Trader System And Is It Right For You?

This trading software was initially designed only for long-term trading, but has since evolved to include shorter-term strategies as well. The founder of this system is professional Forex trader Lance Hunter from the LeapFX team, and we have certainly found his trading strategies to be highly unique and very effective.

Star Trader System's strategies have been back-tested extensively using Rick Data and trades using RSI, CCI and oversold zones connected to market macro trends on higher timeframes. The EA executes trades for users as long as the market conditions have met its criteria, meaning that even traders with little to no experience have been able to benefit greatly from it.

Summary of Star Trader System Features:

  • Trades 2 of the most liquid currency pairs, EURUSD and USDJPY, ensuring low slippage, low spreads and trading costs
  • 2 trading modes for traders of various risk tolerance levels
  • Members get all future updates to this system for free
  • Trades profitably in all market conditions
  • Runs 24/7 every day of the week, making sure its users do not miss out on any of the great trading opportunities that the Forex market offers up...

Full Star Trader System Review here! at