Stay Home Side Hustle Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you looking for more information about the Stay Home Side Hustle system and will it really show you how to start on your online book publishing journey and start earning an income from home doing it even if you currently have zero knowledge or experience with online book publishing? As you might be able to tell by reading its website if you have not done so already, this program is all about learning how to publishing online coloring books and build an income out of it. Joining this program provides a ton of value because it offers members with access to training that show them how to tap on various software to create high-quality coloring pages fast without having to hire graphic designers to do it. It is basically the complete A-Z blueprint for learning how to start your own coloring book publishing business online and start generate an income from it regardless of the economy.

From Stay Home Side Hustle course, we and all students have learned many valuable skills and insider knowledge that is not discussed publicly when it comes to the online coloring books business. Some of these tips include learning about the best sources online for finding free professionally-made coloring page graphics, and then tapping on tools to convert any existing photo quickly and seamlessly into a coloring book page.

What Is The Overall Blueprint Covered By The Stay Home Side Hustle Course?

The entire course can be basically broken down into 3 key phases as follows:

Phase 1: Create Publisher Account and Market Research

In this first phase, members will learn all about coloring books and then proceed on to create their own publisher accounts. They will also go through training on how to do market research to make sure they are creating books-in-demand so as to maximise book sales. Other skills taught include setting up your Amazon KDP account correctly so that you do not miss a single payment etc...

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Phase 2: Creating Your Own Coloring Book

In this 2nd phase, Joni reveals how to create high-quality and top-selling mandala coloring pages and then package it up to sell as your own coloring book. Members will be shown how and where to find done-for-you coloring page graphics, outsource the work should they choose to, and finally turn any type of photo into a coloring page. This training is completely systematic and step-by-step in nature, therefore making it suitable even for complete beginners who are new to coloring books creation and publishing.

Phase 3: Publishing Your Own Coloring Book

In this final phase, members will learn how to create their Amazon KDP listings to publish and start selling their books. This step is all about making sure that they publish their books correctly and then tapping into keyword research to find the best keywords to use for Amazon advertising. Advertising is optional, but is highly recommend as it is the fastest way to scale up a coloring book business and maximise sales once you have your books published.

Is The Stay Home Side Hustle Course Right For You?

Starting a home-based online books publishing business has become one of the most practical and high-profit business-type to start today, particular since the pandemic has caused many places to go into lockdown resulting in high demand for online coloring books. It is providing a real solution for people looking to start an online business with very little and be able to scale up their income quickly by being able to market to the entire world through Amazon.

If you have been thinking about setting up a passive income stream from home, then Stay Home Side Hustle is definitely a training program that you will want to find out more about. Not only are members of this course generating a new source of passive income for themselves, these coloring books give tremendous mental and stress-relieving benefits to their users. This is why online coloring book business owners typically report high-satisfaction while running their businesses because they know that they are helping customers greatly with their coloring books...

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