Suspension Revolution PDF Review - Does It Really Work?

What Is The Structure Of The Entire Suspension Revolution PDF Program?

  • 4-Week Beginner Suspension Revolution

This first ebook that reveals how the exercises in this program are used to activate hidden muscles in the body as well as lose fat and prepare for the next more advanced stage of this system. Some of these workouts include chest presses, bicep curls, hip presses, tricep presses, floating lunges, hamstring curls, hip flexor thrust and fill body roll-outs.

  • 4-Week Intermediate Suspension Revolution

This section is designed to help overcome any plateaus and help the body experience new stimulus and continued muscle growth. It includes progressive exercises such as Suspended Full Body Rotation, Wide Grip Bicep Curls 750, Jump Lunges, Oblique Crunches, Jackknife Crunches and Supine Runners on Hands etc...

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