The 21 Day Smoothie Diet Challenge Review - Is It Legit?

Have you heard of The 21 Day Smoothie Diet Challenge and wondering whether or not this is really a legitimate way to lose weight? Because of the many fad diets out there on the internet today, we have to admit that we were really skeptical about trying out this diet when we first go introduced to it. But we were glad that we decided to test this out because the information revealed is very unconventional and highly effective. It will completely alter the way that you think about smoothies. It covers every aspect of your health, and shows a blueprint on how to eat, what to eat, lifestyle tips and all the other essential information that can help you lose weight fast and revitalise your energy.

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What Is The 21 Day Smoothie Diet Challenge All About?

Without the usual confusion that most diets come from, The 21 Day Smoothie Diet Challenge aims to accomplish the goals of weight loss using the hidden powers that smoothies possess. Created by nutrition expert and professional health coach Drew Sgoutas, it involves the consumption of smoothies every day rather than everyday foods, which typically have a negative on the hormones of our bodies. By doing so, you will naturally be reducing your sugar consumption, which is typically associated with so many common diseases we see today. This diet also leads to more regulated insulin production and blood sugar levels, all while achieving healthy weight loss at the same time.

What Are The Contents You Can Expect To Find Inside The 21 Day Smoothie Diet Challenge?


  1. Fat Burning 101
  2. A Glimpse at the US Health Crisis
  3. The Main Culprits Behind the Obesity Pandemic
  4. Super-Sized Portions
  5. The Standard American Diet
  6. You Don’t Fail Your Diets: Your Diets Fail You
  7. Dietary Fat – Friend or Foe?
  8. Smoothie Diet Rapid Weight Loss Program Other Smoothie Type Diets
  9. Plant Power
  10. Understanding Superfoods
  11. This Recipe vs. Other Diets
  12. Outlines of the Program
  13. Don’t Forget: Be Active Every Day
  14. Smoothie Basics
  15. How to Choose a Blender
  16. Where to Buy Your Blender
  17. Choosing The Best Vegetables and Fruits
  18. Storing Fruits and Vegetables
  19. Smoothie Making Tips and Tricks
  20. Making Smoothies
  21. Storing Smoothies
  22. What If I Can’t Find The Ingredients?
  23. Some Side Effects You May or May Not Experience
  24. What To Eat...

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  1. Solid Food Meal Recommendations
  2. Foods You Can Have
  3. Foods You Cannot Have (Except on Cheat Day)
  4. Example Meals
  5. Healthy Snacks
  6. The Cheat Day
  7. The Main Program
  8. Week 1: The Smoothie Revolution
  9. Week 2: Feel The Green
  10. Week 3: Introducing Metabolic Boosters
  11. Week 4: Unleashing the Healing Power of Smoothies
  12. Week 5: And Beyond
  13. FAQ
  14. Conclusion
  15. Smoothie Recipes


  1. 5 Week Program for 7 Days a Week (Sunday’s a cheat day)


  1. How to Navigate a Grocery Store
  2. Shopping Lists for Each Week of the Program


  1. Printable Recipe Cards for each Recipe


  1. Journal for Each Week
  2. Mood, Energy, Digestion, Cravings Tracker
  3. Mind, Exercise Tracker


  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: Healthy Eating Basics
  3. Chapter 3: Healthy Eating Tips + 7 Meal Plans


  1. Fast Fat Blasting Workouts for Busy People
  2. Introduction
  3. Beginner Workouts
  4. Intermediate Workouts
  5. Advanced Workouts


  1. 42 Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies


  1. 42 Gluten-Free Smoothies


  1. Introduction
  2. Eating Healthy Early in Life
  3. The Power Lies in You
  4. Breakfast Skipping – An Absolute No-No
  5. Boost Your Child’s Nutritional Intake with Smoothies
  6. A More Effective Way to Classifying Foods
  7. Conclusion
  8. 5 Fruit Smoothies
  9. 5 Green Smoothies...

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