The Fund Trader Review - Does The Fund Trader Actually Work?

Would you like to learn the truth about LeapFX's new The Fund Trader service and does it really give users the ability to copy the trading signals from a professional trader who has achieved a 29,000% profit in his verified brokerage statement? This signals from this service are provided by professional trader Gordon Francis. Gordon was an ex-Forex proprietary trader in a trading company in London. Throughout his years of trading for the firm, Gordon has made millions of dollars from his trading activities, eventually using his track record to start trading for high net worth clients.

Gordon has been trading professionally since the year 2006 and has made his hand-picked investors extremely wealthy. Right now, traders are able to copy his trades through LeapFX's new The Fund Trader signals which are generated by copying the trades directly from Gordon's account...

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How Exactly Does The Fund Trader System Work?

Gordon's strategy is based around a 2-step approach of first analysing market fundamentals and then technical levels to see if prices line up for a trade. This approach allows Gordon to identify the ideal trade direction and proper entry points to minimise risks and maximise potential profits. Once ideal entry prices are identified, Gordon then uses a proprietary semi-auto multiphase software for finding the ideal predefined exit price to exit the trade.

From historical trading records, it can be observed that each trade lasts for around 5 to 24 hours. Gordon's entire system can be followed online without having to sit in front of the screens all day...

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