The One Hour Dress Download Review: Is The One Hour Dress 1920 Legit?

Are you looking for more information about The One Hour Dress Download and can it really provide you with the sewing instructions for the infamous "one hour dress" developed by the Director of Instruction at The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Mary Brooks Picken? While serving as director, Mary Brooks Pickens had perfected her 10-step method for creating 17 different dress styles. Inside this easy-to-follow classic, readers will get to learn exactly how to create the fabulous flapper fashions by learning the Picken Method. This method eschews specific patterns and a method of making dresses that can adapted to created different designs.

By getting and following The One Hour Dress Download, members are learning how to create great flapper fashions in really quick time. Also, it is built with carefully numbered and detailed instructions to ensure that even complete beginners can create amazing dress designs. Clear instructions are included to show readers exactly how to mark and cut fabric to integrate their own personal measurements into their dress creations. In short, members will be learning how to:

  • Choose the right material
  • Take your measurements
  • Measure and cut the material
  • Finish that dress!

What Are The Contents Included In The One Hour Dress Download?


Introduction - Making a Dress in an Hour
Step One - Take Your Measurements
Step Two - Divide the Material
Step Three - Cut Out Belt and Skirt
Step Four - Cut Out the Blouse
Step Five - Bind Neck and Sleeves
Step Six - Join the Blouse and Skirt
Step Seven - Complete the Skirt
Step Eight - Complete the Blouse
Step Nine - Make the Belt
Step Ten - Finish the Dress
Variations of the One Hour Dress
Other Variations Shown in This Book

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