Are you interested in learning more about The Pure Art Of Serrada Escrima SerCuerdas program by Wu Te and is it really a legitimate program for learning this form of fighting from a real expert? This is one of the top training resources we have found online with concise descriptions and even rare photos of grandmaster Angel Cabales training master JC Carbiero.

From the 3 volumes of this program, members will be getting access to all the more than 300 original photographs on the 36 blocks of 12 angle strikes, footwork, body positioning, hand position, footwork and angles of attack. This is a must-have program for any martial art collector and all the books that come in this bundle are personally signed by master JC Cabiero...

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting The Pure Art Of Serrada Escrima SerCuerdas?

  • Clearly-explained concepts of all defence and fighting techniques, explaining what the moves are, how they work and when best to execute them
  • Full presentations of blocks, strikes, disarms and counters that are unique to this fighting style
  • Learn the basic stick-fighting movements for both knife fighting and unarmed engagement
  • Learn from a legitimate, well-rounded and effective Filipino martial arts fighter, Cabales Serrada Escrima
  • Comprehensive set of drills to practice and master these moves in as little time as possible...

Full The Pure Art Of Serrada Escrima SerCuedas Review here! at