The Sandbox Game Review: The Sandbox Game Explained

Would you like to find out more about The Sandbox Game and is it really one of the best Metaverse games to start owning, building and monetising your gaming experiences and virtual assets? In the video game industry where billions of dollars are transacted, the advent technology like that of digital assets, cryptocurrency and digital tokens is truly promising to revolutionise the highly centralised gaming world. The Sandbox Game is very similar to the highly successful and much bigger game Minecraft but has incorporated cryptocurrencies and much better gaming economics for gamers.

The game’s utility token is SAND, an ERC20 token that utilises the versatility of smarts contracts for purchasing, trading and receiving rewards. Gamers can see in real-time plots that have already been created by other users (including the ones created by the people of Atari), exchange assets or negotiate with others. They can then choose to start from scratch in their own plots or start fulfilling tasks.

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How Does The Sandbox Game Marketplace Work?

Besides the game world, The Sandbox Game houses a marketplace whereby users are able to exchange their creations for digital currencies. These assets can be traded using the native SAND token and they are ERC1155 tokens (ASSETS) on the Ethereum blockchain. Players are able to resell their ASSETS at anytime on the marketplace, giving them a highly accessible way to own and monetise their gaming assets whenever they want to...

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What Are The Main Unique Features Of The Sandbox Game That Make It Stand Out In The Gaming World?

  • Accessible tools for all users to build in the metaverse along with multiple monetisation and profit opportunities
  • Near-addictive game mechanic that makes players want to stick around for the long-term
  • Wallets for holding its Ethereum-based tokens and gaming assets are widely available in various platforms including iOS, Android and Chrome
  • Scarcity of land in its ecosystem creates the economics for the assets and SAND token price to appreciate
  • Gives players a much great sense of freedom and asset ownership when participating in the game
  • Is well-positioned to grow in popularity in the gaming and metaverse world that has been accelerated by the pandemic...

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