The Tapping Solution For Autoimmune Disorders Review - Does It Really Work?

Do you want to find out more about The Tapping Solution Autoimmune solution and whether or not this tapping solution for treating autoimmune really works? Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT, is a simple method designed to release emotional blocks to healing.

What does this mean? The idea is that no matter what challenges we are experiencing, including chronic illness such as autoimmune disease, there is always an emotional component. Long-held blocked emotions make a person more vulnerable to disease, and they also make it more difficult for us to heal. EFT is a psychological acupressure energy technique – it merges tuning into your body with meridian tapping and a verbal set-up statement.

How Does The Tapping Solution Autoimmune Work To Treat Autoimmune?

When you use Tapping to shift your unconscious emotions and beliefs, you shift the chemicals being released into your body. EFT tapping has been shown to rewire the brain to bring your mind and body back into balance scientifically. Tapping has truly been proven to be the perfect bridge between Eastern ancient healing practices and Western medicine. Modern science has proven that tapping does work and the results are great...

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One of the hundreds of studies done have shown that tapping can improve many variables including vitality, depression, anxiety, mental health, social function and performance problems. Besides this study, hundreds of other studies have also found that tapping can counter many health challenges. Studies' participants have found significant improvements in psychological, emotional and physical symptoms after tapping. Many conditions including autoimmune, psoriasis, fibromyalgia have all been improved with The Tapping Solution.

Lowering Your Cortisol With The Tapping Solution Autoimmune:

In a double-blind study conducted by Dawson Church, PhD, cortisol, know as the “stress hormone” was measured as it is a key indicator in how our bodies responds to stress. Tapping was shown to produce, on average, a 24 percent fall in cortisol after just one hour of tapping. During that same hour of talk therapy without tapping, participants showed a much smaller drop in cortisol levels. This powerful research study showed that tapping significantly boosts the ability to eliminate the the hormones causes by stress, allowing the body to go into a state of healing. Study after study show that when you deal with your underlying emotional issues, your body is brought back into balance, and immune system function improves...

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