TipTrans Review - Does TipTrans Transport Really Work?

Would you like to find out more information about TipTrans Transport and whether or not you can really trust this company with your shipping needs? This company has done business with China for more than ten years. To consolidate the orders, they also opened own Shenzhen warehouse in 2012 followed by Hong Kong in 2014.

2 years later, they have also added warehouses in the Czech Republic, and Germany and in 2017 we've welcomed our newest family member - warehouse in the United Kingdom. They know the local environment, and know how to get things done in China. And members can enjoy European standards here, as there are staff from the EU working there as well...

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Is TipTrans Transport's Service Any Good?

We have been cooperating with Tiptrans Transport since some time, we have been using all the locations except China and we can truly recommend their services. First, assuming buying premium plan, the costs are very reasonable and multiple locations worldwide are included.

Second, the photos are included by default and are quite detailed. Three, the staff is very helpful and also trustworthy and reliable. And they are absolutely reachable and responsive by e-mail. Four, I had an issues with missing package and missing bitcoin top-up, both resolved positively, 1st in about a month by a refund + insurance, second in about a week by revoking BTCs to my account. Job well done and we were very satisfied with the way the cases were handled. Five, the choice of carriers is wide and you can always discuss that matter on an individual manner...

Full TipTrans Reviews here! at https://scamorno.com/TipTrans-Reviews/?id=gho