TRIBE Workshop Cost Review - Does TRIBE Workshop Stu Really Work?

Are you interested in learning more about the TRIBE Workshop Stu McLaren and is this really the best coaching program out there to learn how to add recurring revenue to your business by building and launching a membership site successfully? Stu is a legend in the internet marketing and entrepreneurship space for several years. His resume speaks for itself and he has some of the most notable names on his client list, such as Jeff Walker, Ruth Soukup, Michael Hyatt, Donald Miller and many more.

Through his experiences, Stu has put together a step-by-step and proven system based on observing the best practices of more than 700,000+ online communities and membership sites. There is certainly not another membership sites coaching program that goes into as much as depth as this one that Stu has put together.

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What Is The TRIBE Workshop Cost And Is It Really Worth Joining?

The full cost of joining this course is $1,997, with an option of 6x payments for $399 each. Members from the USA and UK will also have the option of using Paypal Credit to pay $1,997 at 0% interest over six months.

What Are The 6 Modules Covered in TRIBE Workshop Stu?

  • Module 1: Foundation

There are a total of 9 video lessons in the module and they focus on helping students frame their membership site before they start building it out. Thi includes all of the foundation work to ensure that no more time is wasting having to review the basics over and over again in the later stages...

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  • Module 2: Content

This 8 video lessons module covers how to provide real value to members instead of getting trapped in a "content treadmill" that so many people end up with. This module will cover how to structure and plan out your content in the best way by choosing one of the best 6 membership types that will keep your members engaged and looking forward to all your future content

  • Module 3: Marketing Strategy

This module covers everything needed to know about membership marketing and how different marketing strategies must be applied when marketing memberships vs. marketing traditional products and services. These include properly timing launch elements, picking the right strategies, structuring your marketing with the right timing, and more.

  • Module 4: Marketing Tactics

This 12-video lessons module covers tactics like beta launches, pricing, live casts, launch video series, Facebook Lives and more. The best chosen tactics will depend on the optimal marketing strategy that you would have already created and will go directly towards executing that strategy.

  • Module 5: Retention

This module covers the secrets that Stu has uncovered over his years of experience in keeping members happy and making sure that they recognise the value that you are providing to them. These strategies are essential if you wish to ensure long-term viability and growth of your membership business and maximise its profitability over the long-term.

  • Module 6: Growth

This module is all about scaling membership sites, and would be useful off-the-bat if you are already running an existing membership site. Of course, even if you are new, these scaling strategies will prove to be useful once your site is established and you are ready to reach out to every single prospect who can benefit from joining your membership site...

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