Trust & Will Reviews - Is Trust & Will Legit?

Would you like to find out more about the Trust & Will platform and is it really the best platform online to get create legal documents for your estate planning needs rather than pay an attorney to do it for you? Trust & Will came to our attention as a recommendation from one of our peers when we decided that we wanted to start creating a will. This platform allowed us many options to create our personalised plans and the fact that everything can be done online in an intuitive format really made the whole experience seamless and easy. Now, we are assured that we already have something in place should something happen and that it will be well taken care of through the documents that we have created through Trust & Will. at WI. Online Estate Planning Made Easy | Trust & Will

What Are The Benefits Of Using Trust & Will Over Traditional Options Such As Hiring A Lawyer?

One of the biggest drawbacks of hiring a lawyer is that the fees can be anywhere from $300 to $1,000, which is a really wide range. There is also the uncertainty involved as some people have found that engaging a lawyer did not make the process any easier. Despite the fact that many online platforms for will and trust making exists, we were always nervous about using any of them as we had never heard of anyone close to us giving any of them a positive review...

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Trust & Will however is one platform that we have used and have truly put our will and trust making needs at ease. Their wills start at $69, trusts start at $399 and guardian designations start t $39, all of which are great value-for-money prices when compared to hiring an attorney.

What Are The Main Benefits And Features Of Using Trust & Will?

  • Unlimited updates: Within the first year, all members get to update their documents for free and also have the option for continued updates after that at a small annual fee.
  • Great value-for-money compared to an attorney's services: With the availability of technology today, we feel that there is no longer any need to overpay for trust and will making services
  • Document review by trained experts: To ensure that all documents comply with federal and state laws, Trust And Will provides reviews of documents through estate planning experts
  • All documents for your final wishes provided: All documents required for a simple guardianship arrangement to the creation of a trust are provided at the click of a button inside the platform
  • Create documents specific to your state of residence: Regardless of whether you are creating wills, trusts or guardianship appointments, Trust And Will ensures that all documents are specific to laws in your chosen state...

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