Videosly Review - Does It Really Work?

Do you want to find out the truth about the Videosly video software tool and does it really create high-quality videos for its users that are guaranteed to grab audiences' attentions and also does the video distribution work? Videosly promises to help users create traffic and sales generating videos even if they have never done so in their lives. From our experiences with this software, we can say that this has truly been the case and Videosly has certainly been one of the most useful video creation and marketing software tools that we have ever used. The general steps to use Videosly are as follows:

  • Choose the exact content you want for your videos, which can be your own or something generated from an online URL that is either yours and other people's webpages
  • Drag the text elements you want onto the right side of the canvas as a new frame or slide
  • Add music, videos and other media elements onto the framess
  • Preview and render your design before generating your final video

All the videos that are created are ensured to be compliant with the terms-of-services of the biggest social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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What Are Some Of The Main Features Of Video Creation When You Use Videosly?

  • Pick from video clips in the built-in library or upload your own
  • Change text positions, content, color, size and highlights
  • Adjust each frame's order to a completely unique generated video every time
  • Add music from the included set of audio or upload your own
  • Put only the exact contents you want in your videos through its unique split screen canvas video creation technology

What Are The Front-Ends and OTOs of Videosly?

  • Front-End (Videosly $27 to $47): This cloud-based SAAS tool helps users create their own short videos that can be used for ad or product videos
  • OTO 1 (Videosly Pro $67): This allows users to create videos for clients, with up to 30 videos with all its pro features
  • OTO 2 (Videosly Reseller $97 to $997): This option allows users to sell Videosly software to others and keep all of the profits
  • OTO 3 (Stock Footage $37 to $97): This option gives the user much more options when it comes to their video images...

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