Would you like to find out more about the Vidnami App and is it really the best solution for creating high-quality short-form promotional videos today? Vidnami is in fact a rebranded software tool that was previously called Content Samurai. We had been using Content Samurai for more than 3 years prior to starting to use Vidnami, and since then have seen a lot more features being added in Vidnami.

In Vidnami, there has been an addition of many more templates that make video creation for social media site like Facebook and Youtube a breeze. These new styling options and templates are measured specifically right for sharing on social media sites to look perfect on them. Another thing they have added is called influencer video templates, allowing the wrapping of content around video like this:

Vidnami - Video Marketing the Smarter Way - Join Samurai

Vidnami vs Content Samurai: Which Is Right For You?

How Can You Start Creating Videos With The Vidnami App?

There are 5 options for video creation as follows:

1. Video from your article

2. Videos for your online course...

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3. A sales video

4. Video for social media

5. Real estate videos

To start, one would need to pick a template and provide a name and script for the video.

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From this interface, users are advised to include their targeted keywords in the script and title of the video. It is important to put complete sentences so that the automated voice does not read everything in one-go which will sound bad. Vidnami can then structure your videos as follows:

  • Have Vidnami Automatically choose the slide layouts
  • Have one slide per sentence
  • Have one slide per paragraph
  • Or one slide per phrase

One amazing feature of Vidnami is that it is capable to analysing the text that you have included and then insert relevant clips and images for your videos. It can also choose the styles for users automatically, so creating your video is as easy simply hitting the blue button on the bottom right and letting the software algorithm create the video for you...

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