Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator Reviews - Is It Legit?

Would you like to find out more about the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator software and is it really the real deal when it comes to flight simulation software? If you have always wanted to get a realistic attempt at flying and would like to feel the realistic experience of hopping into a pilot's cockpit, then this flight simulation software is something that you will certainly want to find out more about. This is one of the best software we have seen when it comes to flight simulation for the highest realism.

This software contains a superb world scenery pack that is filled with destinations from all over the world with scenic and aerial views. More than 25,000+ real world airports and 200+ airplanes and helicopters have been included in this new standard-setting game in the airplanes niche market...

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What Are Some Of The Key Features Of Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator?

Realistic Cockpits: Users get a full immersion during the flight with highly realistic visuals and sounds that feels just like being in a real plane

Aircraft Choices: More than 200+ aircraft choices are included in this simulator including military planes, heavy commercials and old models such as the ones flown by the Wright Brothers.

Wide Array of Airports: More than 25,000+ airport destinations from all over the world have been included in this simulator.

The Controls of the Aircraft: Realistic flight conditions like the height of the plane, weather and speed are integrated to reflect everything in real-time. The simulator is also designed to respond just like they would in real-life and with highly-realistic cockpit controls.

Real-time Weather: Real sync technology helps the software mimic real-live weather conditions in particular regions of the world as you are flying through them. For example, if you are currently flying through Los Angeles and it is currently stormy, the software user will also experience stormy weather as he or she is flying through.

Realistic Sceneries: Actual Google maps satellite images are used to render the scenes in 3D. This is unlike most other simulators on the market that use video game graphics that are much less realistic.

Ability to Simulate any Location in the World: Worldwide terrain data is sourced from NASA in this software, making the whole experience of flying through highly realistic, just like flying through in a real aircraft

ATC and Navigation Services: This software uses advanced ATC system that mimics real tower, ground, approach, departure and center ATC. Depending on which airport is being flown from or landed in, the system also provides instrument approach plates in such locations including VOR, NDB and ILS procedures...

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