VitaJuwel Review - Does VitaJuwel Water Bottle Really Work?

Are you looking for more information about the VitaJuwel Water Bottle and do their crystals really help enhance the quality of the water put in the bottle to give you benefits to the body? Choosing a water bottle like VitaJuwel brings a ton of benefits for not just the person drinking from it but also the Earth. Switching away from plastic bottles to sustainable and healthier options makes allows one to play a role in environment conservation and be part of that change. This is why choosing the right water bottle is not just a big deal for a person's health but also the environment.

With VitaJuwel Water Bottles, there are a total of 17 carefully crafted gemstone blends to suit every mood and preference. Each gemstone and its gemstones are able to structure water through their specific vibrations, and each gem pod is exchangeable at any time...

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Using The VitaJuwel Water Bottle?

  • Start getting the benefits of multiple gem pod combinations that have been tested extensively to find the best combinations, ranging from rejuvenating luck to regenerating optimism in one's life
  • Access multiple unique gemstone blends that all provide a different benefit to your life
  • Bottles are a unique patented design that are dishwasher safe
  • Gets rid of negative energy in your body and works well synergistically with other practices like meditation and self-reflective routines
  • Tap into an ancient form of healing that has been working well before the current high-disease rate that humans are experiencing today
  • and much more!

How Exactly Does The VitaJuwel Water Bottle Work?

The crystals don't actually touch the water as they are surrounded by lead-free glass. This creates a barrier that prevents the crystals' energy signatures from being transferred to the water. However, it still allows the crystals to transform their information across the lead-free glass through a process called epitaxy. This process is one that involves the transferring of structural information from one solid or liquid to a liquid...

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