Vyond Review: Does Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software Really Work?

Are you currently thinking about using the Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software and can it really fulfil all of its promises of helping users increase video retention, engagement, motivation and conversion by creating high-quality rich media even their users do not have any experience in doing so? Vyond is actually the rebranded name of its previous version called GoAnimate. GoAnimate was a 2D animation software company that was started in 2007.

Since 2018, it has been rebranded to match its vision for the future by founder Alvin Hung. Today, it is one of the most well-known names when it comes to software for creating doodles and sketches. Such videos are pretty easy to make and can be very professional looking when done with a software like Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software. Whether it is to explain an idea, concept or product, users are able to create such videos effortlessly without any prior expertise.

New Whiteboard Animation Writing Tool Options | Vyond

What Types Of Assets Can Users Of Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software Expect To Find In Their Library?

With this professional animator software, users will be able to get a large library of ready-to-use resources. With one of the largest collection of resources, users are typically able to get their first videos created very quickly with Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software.  It is an especially important benefit to have given that the majority of marketers and entrepreneurs do not plan on creating their own graphics. In Vyond, there are a good variety of charts, props, audio and text assets available for selection...

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In addition, they also have a special character creator that allows users to create their own custom characters that bring across their message and branding well to viewers. In the event that users are unable to find suitable assets or simply wish to upload their own, they can simply upload them using the upload feature of the software. A wide variety of files can be uploaded, including videos in MP4, audio in MP3 and WAV, graphics in PNG and JPG as well as unanimated GIFs. Once uploaded, these files will be available for selection at the Upload tab for all future use.

Overview Of The Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software Support

For support, Vyond can be contacted directly through their email support tickets system. From our experiences, we have found that they are not only quick-to-respond but also are very knowledgeable and always able to fix our issues quickly, regardless of how technical they are. This is very much in contrast in several of the other video maker software that we have used in the past, whereby support tickets would usually have to be forwarded around for several days before we could actually get to someone who knows how to resolve our problems.

On top of the basic plans, Vyond also provides upper and premium plans whereby users will get access to even faster support through their Live Chat. The live chat and phone call support features are available only on their professional and enterprise plans. Members of these plans also get to join the Vyond community where they can learn from and share ideas with other like-minded people. For those who prefer to find their own solutions, there is always the documentation section on their website where most of the commonly asked questions are answered...

Full Vyond Review here! at https://scamorno.com/Vyond-Review-Vyond-Whiteboard-Animation-Software/?id=gho