Warehouse 115 Review: Is Warehouse 115 Legitimate?

Would you like to find out more about Warehouse 115 and can you really trust them to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner? Warehouse 115 is one platform that we have consistently gone back to order from simply because of their great customer service and products. Throughout all of our orders, we were always kept up-to-date with our delivery dates  and always know exactly what is going on with our products at any point in time after our orders.

Warehouse 115 is the go-choice for many who need to order constant event supplies now. They have always been able to deliver the correct products in time for our events and able to rectify any issues promptly, even the mistakes that we made on our end.

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What Is Warehouse 115 All About?

Founded in 2016, Warehouse 115 is a wholesale supply store that sells various items including disposable items, food items, janitorial products, party supplies and more. Their products can serve the everyday consumer looking to save on their items from a trusted supplier. Other parties included communities, hotels, educational bodies, cafes and medical clinics have also benefitted from Warehouse 115 products and services.

Warehouse 115's items are shipped through UPS Ground and FedEx. Their range of products include cutlery, dinnerware, dispensers, food containers, hand towels, tampons, beverages, napkins, baking powder, yogurt, mops, cleaning accessories, brushers, decorations, cupcake accessories, bar supplies and barware, and many more...

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