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What Is EIN Presswire Pricing?

Do you wish to find out more about the What Is EIN Presswire Pricing Distribution service and are they are really one of the online press release services on the internet today? EIN Presswire Distribution provides users with access to multiple useful press release functions including media monitoring, press release tracking, SEO functions and RSS feed services. They provide 4 main tiers of PR services as follows:

- Basic: $49.95 per news release.- Pro: $249 for five releases- Pro+, at $399 for ten releases- Corporate, at $999 for fifty releases.

Other features that have include a world media directory listing media outlets from all over the world, a newsdesk distributing breaking news and a free news plugin that curates customised newsfeeds for the users' Wordpress websites.

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How Are The 4 Packages Of EIN Presswire Distribution Different?

The lowest cost Basic package allows the distribution of news to be promoted to the company's partners, which include some of the top press release sites. Releases of this deal will be indexed by all the major search engines that is restricted to 700 words for a single press release.

The Pro package includes increased exposure services through social media, about 30 TV / radio stations and the EIN subscribers database. Though there are about 30 broadcasters, your release will find its way to the most relevant channels for your industry through the US distribution process.

The Pro+ package adds a couple more releases for free. It allows the distribution of 10 press releases at the price of $399, and based on statistics, this is the most commonly selected package by experienced users of this press release service as it offers the best value-for-money. It also ensures the fastest speed of delivery by including same-day distribution services.

The final plan is the Corporate package, which greatly increases word limit to 1,000 - 2,500. There is also a bigger discount per release totalling $999 for a total of 50 releases...

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